Ya gotta laugh. If you don’t laugh you will become old before your time. If you laugh, you will never be old!

image There are so many ways to laugh, from the smug chuckle to the tear-inducing, out of control, belly laugh. You can cyber-laugh: LOL. You can graphic laugh: 😋. But there’s always something going on somewhere that is a  laugh-er of a situation. Even if it only rates an Angry Sneer (see chart). Politics, for example, could be a treasure trove for that kind of laugh.

This little chart (below) shows various laughs and where they originate in the body. It’s not a human body but you get the idea. I can say that personally, I have laughed most of the laughs listed, though I’m not sure about the “Sign of the Apocalypse” laugh. Was that like when my friend’s husband was explaining about murders and football in play she and I were going to and we were actually going to The Calamari Sisters? Because, wow, that almost had us til we realized he was confused, not us.

image I don’t have a favorite laugh unless it’s the “Oh, dear, I shouldn’t be laughing in this situation” laugh that makes your belly hurt and you can’t show that you’re laughing and you cry. You know, like when the dinner theatre lead singer flattens the first few bars of The Sound of Music to a pulp and your wine glass is empty.

You can laugh at people once in awhile, but always try to laugh with them as a rule. Again, politics can skew this concept but, as a rule, yes, be nice.

You can laugh til you cry (see above), you can laugh to keep from crying, you can laugh til you wish you wore Depends, you can laugh at the ironic, at the absurd, at the incomprehensible, at the just plain funny. Are you laughing yet?

How do you laugh best? Doesn’t matter. Just do it. You’ll feel good.

Stay laughing, my friends.