image I am a night owl. Always have been, even when I have been forced to rise early. I rose, but I did not shine.

Nothing against sunshine and light and all that. There’s just something about the deep, dark, middle of the night that intrigues me and draws me in.

It’s a whole different world. Different sounds, different sights, different world view. Night seduces you and makes you part of it.

I think I inherited my night owl tendencies from growing up in the city. The neighborhood was never entirely asleep and especially during those hot, muggy, un-air conditioned summer nights, the nights that wrap around you like a damp towel…… could sit outside til dawn, if you wanted.

Outside the city, there’s nothing so mind boggling as sitting on a starlit beach gazing at The Milky Way. Who are we? Why are we here? image

I love the solitude, the empty streets, the dark windows, the bright moon, the stillness of the night. The night creatures, the crickets, frogs, foxes, owls.  I like it in the rain. I like it in the snow, the wind, the heat, the cold. It’s mine.


Early risers have that certain air of superiority sometimes that makes me shake my head. “Oh, what a gorgeous sunrise this morning! Too bad you didn’t see it.” I chuckle. I saw it…….just before I went to bed!

Night belongs to you. You can be alone in it. You can make it your own. It’s glorious. Step out there and grab it.