About Marianne

Retired from a long career in public relations, marketing, and communications, I am now a very happy occasional freelance writer, editor and project manager.

I’m not the retired person my grandparents were and I wonder sometimes what the heck went wrong! When they retired, they RETIRED. I’m always looking around for something new to try.

My kids are used to me; so is my grandson, who is almost 11.

I hope I’ll make some new friends with this blog, learn some new things, and send my world out to people who care about some of the same things I care about.


3 thoughts on “About Marianne”

  1. dolores policarpo said:

    Mare, Love your. Blog. We talked about your last trip with your dad when you were here and I know Paul will enjoy the blog too. Can`t wIt for more. Dolores


  2. I will follow you!! It took being laid up with a bad knee to start one of my own. Have fun with it! And when I retire we should co-write the Pizzi saga…


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