I will not accept the ALS Challenge so save your nominations for those who feel the need to drench themselves in ice water. It’s a great cause. It’s a cute way to highlight the disease. But I ain’t doin’ it.

It’s not cute anymore, it’s boring. Even when people try to come up with clever ways to get soaked, or to soak others……..well, there are only so many ways to do it.

So then they invent other ways. The sneak attack. The second floor pour from above. The self pour, the multi-sided pour, the pour from the earth mover.

Or the actually pretty good combination of the sneak attack Presidential pour that Laura Bush perpetrated on George. She seemed to really like that.

Of course, there are the disaster pours, too. The ones where the bucket hits     the victim instead of just the water. Funniest Home Videos, here we come!

A friend in Belgium took the challenge and then was chastised for not having enough ice in the water. His response: well, we don’t have giant refrigerators here that make tons of ice!

But I have to say the pics and posts of people playing with water were a refreshing antidote to all the other news. The riots, the beheadings, the bombings, the monsoon floods…….. For that, I am grateful.

But we have run the theme out. I’m sure the ALS researchers are pleased. As they should be. And the victims and their families and friends are grateful and encouraged. The response is humbling. I can only wish that the folks who poured the water now know more about ALS.

So let’s find something else to do. Come on, summer’s almost over! We have beaches to explore, sleeping in to do, s’mores to squish…..

That’s it: The S’More Squish Challenge! Most creative squish. Biggest squish. Sneakiest squish. Squish not using chocolate, marshmallows and graham cracker squish. Presidential squish? And why not?

You get what I’m saying, right? Not trying to be mean. No, really.

Moving on…….more Musings later. Wait til you hear what I have to say about Small Plate Restaurants………