imageWell, my personal blog, Musings with Marianne, is Me by Me. It is I.

I use my blog to Introduce myself to people I‘ll likely never meet. I talk about things I like, I don’t like, I know, I want to know…’s a microcosm of who I am.

I never stop moving on. I can be paused but not stoppedI am Inquisitive. I am Intelligent. I find Inspiration for posts and other life bits all around me. What a world! Tell me more!

I have very few Idols because I have very high standards. I am an All American mutt of many Immigrant forebears whom I discover from time to time in the online world of ancestors and I wonder how much of them I have in me.

I am sitting in my home using three electronic devices to connect to the world….how can I not learn and grow with all that support?

I am a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a sister and a friend. I am part of Infinity. I am happy to be here.