Shame on me, I have not posted in more than a year! No excuses, no reasons. I don’t know why, that’s the truth. I hope to join the April Blogging A to Z Challenge again, so  I have to get back into writing condition. This post will not be a good example!

So I’m limbering up my iPad one finger typing skills until I can get the good people at Apple on the phone and upgrade both browser and operating system in my elderly but lovable laptop. That could be a post in itself. I won’t include how many curses I call down on electronics while it happens, promise.

This is a practice run, just dipping timidly back into the hows and whys and logistics of this blogging thing. Truth to tell, I’d forgotten how much fun this is!

To paraphrase a movie line…….I’m baaaaaaaack! Let me know who’s out there! See you all more often!