Just had a few days with my 10-almost 11 year old grandson, Ryan. School’s over for summer and it’s time to chill. We stayed up late, slept in, splashed around in the pool, made a strange creature out of clay, went walking…..and one of us played video games. Kid summers. The best.

It’s taking awhile to get reacclimated to things at home following my time in France and England. I felt like I had been accordion pleated after all the walking….a lot of walking…..and then that wonderful seven, almost eight, hour plane ride home in a few square inches of personal space.

I went for a massage the first day back…..oh, wow, wonderful! For ninety glorious minutes, a lovely Asian (I think she is Chinese) woman kneaded, stretched, and unkinked my bones, joints and muscles from head to toe. Started with reflexology on feet and legs, went on to deep pressure, Swedish and hot stones. Bliss! Not a kink left anywhere. Slept like a baby. FYI if you’re in Delaware Co., Pa., try Tai Ji AccuCare in Springfield. No schmaltz, just good solid expertise at a great price. Worth it.

Last night, I went to a big Welcome Back event for World War 2 vets who had been treated to a day in Washington, DC, at the WW II Memorial. They had a great motorcycle escort all the way and three local TV stations covered the party. I don’t think they expected the fuss. They deserve that and more.

I’m having problems trying to post photos. Working on it……