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Sir Arthur Conan Dog is a bulldog of my acquaintance who lives with one of my By Marriage relatives. Let’s call her my daughter’s sister in law Jen.

Arthur is darling rescue of a boy whom Jen adores. Mostly. This week, Arthur has his Special Lady, McKinley, another bulldog, staying over. Here’s what happened, as told by Jen:

Walking two bulldogs is like this:

Me: Come on.
Dogs: No.

Me: Let’s go.

Dogs: Nope.
Me: Get moving!
Dog 1: Okay.
Dog 2: No.
Me, to Dog 2: Come on!
Dog 2: Okay.
Dog 1: No.

Staring contest.

Pedestrian: Oh, bulldogs! Omigod, I love bulldogs! Can I pet them?

Petting, chatting.

Guy in car pulls over and yells out window: Bulldogs are the best dogs! I grew up with bulldogs! Hey, buddy! Hey, guys!

Just me and bulldogs again.

Me: Come on.
Dogs: No.

And so it goes. Jen says, “I started bringing treats and giving him (Arthur) one after he does his business…but he doesn’t do it any faster now. He just makes awkward eye contact with me while he poops so he knows I see him doing it for the treat.”

I hope to have more Sir Arthur Conan Dog stories soon. I’m liking this guy.

Sir Arthur (front) and houseguest.

Sir Arthur (front) and houseguest/squeeze McKinley.