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I made a post about this on my Facebook page and it generated a lot of chat. Let’s see if you Musings followers agree.

I went into the drugstore to pick up a few things. Here’s how it went:

As soon as I walked in, a voice said, “Welcome to XXX.” I smiled and waved in the general direction of the voice.

About ten more employees continued to Welcome me. After the first Welcome, I’m good. I feel welcome. Okay? Still smiling.

Another five or six relentlessly cheerful people almost followed me through the aisles, making sure I was Welcome and checking to see if I needed help finding anything. All smiles stopped together.

No. I’m browsing. And suppose I was shopping for, say, Heavy Duty Odor Eaters or Maximum Strength Depends? Again, I’m fine. Thanks.

At least two more, after making sure: 1) I felt Welcome and 2) did not need guidance, made sure I was aware that I could get a flu shot, or even shingles vaccine, at the pharmacy, should I be in need of such.

I appreciate your concern for my health. But stop. I got this.

I know this is a marketing strategy, and the corporate marketing powers think this approach makes shoppers feel, well, Welcome. Instead, it is SOOOOO ANNOYING! I feel like I’m being stalked. No, really.

Welcome to my blog. Can I help you find the perfect post today? Oh, sorry, no flu shots here.

When I made this post on Facebook, it immediately generated ten ‘likes’ and comments from everywhere!

A Friend from Jersey, UK, has the same experience when clothes shopping. ‘Can’t I just browse?’

From Virginia: ‘I’d like to know whose master’s degree thesis in Marketing generated this idea.

From New Jersey: ‘Take them by the hand and say, “Oh, yes, I’m looking for the industrial strength Wart Remover! “‘

I don’t mean to criticize the employees so much as I mean to take a swipe at the policy of customer intrusion.

What do you other Musings followers think? Have you had this experience? Is it helpful? How do you respond?

Followers in countries outside the USA, do you have this when you shop? Tell us by commenting here in the blog.

I’m finished the rant now. You are Welcome to reply.