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I know it’s not April 1 yet, but I’m setting the stage for a new venture. And I just wanted to get your attention. So bear with me.

I have joined (been wheedled and coerced into joining, actually) the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Beginning tomorrow, and continuing for twenty-six days in April, except Sundays, I’ll be posting a short piece on something….anything I want….that begins with a designated letter of the alphabet, in (alphabetical) order.

Bloggers, neophytes and veterans, from across the globe are taking part in the fun (I’ve been assured it’s fun). More than a thousand people, all ages, all kinds of experiences, writers, non-writers, wanna be writers, have signed up.

I have a few possible topics picked out but hey, followers, ideas and suggestions are most welcome. Pick a letter…..let me hear from you!

I’ll keep up with my So You Want To Be In Movies posts, too. I wouldn’t want to leave you hanging since I mentioned the real movie work was just beginning.

Don’t fall for any April Fool jokes! You probably don’t even have shoelaces.

This looks like a pretty good one, though.image