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No, I’m not really Copping out. I don’t feel very Creative. The thing is, I have a Cold and a Cough and I feel like Crap and it’s Cloudy and I’m just bummed. And that’s a B word.

My original plan was to Chat about Cats. My grand-Cats. I have three: two girls and one boy. So bear with me and I’ll tell you a little bit about Callie, Lucy, and Mojo.

Callie is the senior Cat at age eleven. image Never forget that. She doesn’t.

Callie talks all the time…..when she’s available. Most of the time she disdains general interaction with the hot polloi.

Next in seniority is Lucy. imageGotta love black cats. She’s an only-Cat and ok, spoiled a little. I mean, look at her….who could resist that face?

The baby of the family, and the lone boy, is Mojo.image

He is a no-kidding around kitten who tears around terrorizing his sister Callie. He’s the one who zips up to say hi when you come in, and walks you to the door when you leave. He likes Computer games, which turns out well for his dad, my human grandson.

The best thing about these Charming Cats is that they are all rescues. Chosen by their families. Cosseted, Cared for, Cherished, and loved. Loved, above all.

I feel better now.